Oxygen-Infusing Skincare 101: Heal, Repair, Restore

Oxygen-Infusing Skincare 101: Heal, Repair, Restore


For over forty years, medical professionals have known oxygen to be the healing and restorative element our body craves. In fact, oxygen infusion is widely used across a variety of medical specialties to treat various health conditions. From post-surgical wound care to orthopedic recovery, oxygen has played an essential role in many medical treatments and aftercare procedures; healing damaged tissue by increasing oxygenation where hypoxia (lack of oxygen) is an issue. 

Oxygen Inspired Innovation in Skincare

Our interdisciplinary team of world-renowned scientists, dermatologists, spine surgeons, trauma surgeons, and MD-PhDs specializing in dermatology and dermatopathology at Oxygen Lab™ have long understood oxygen to be the healing and restorative element for the body and the epidermis. Armed with this knowledge and backed by years of medical research, we created a revolutionary system of treatments to deliver oxygen back into the skin and effectively heal, repair, and reverse years of skin damage and general signs of aging. 

Healthy Oxygen Levels in the Skin Diminish with Age

We are all born with specialized cells that help deliver oxygen into our tissue. As we age, those cells lose the ability to deliver enough oxygen into the skin. By age 30, that ability has declined by 25%. By the time you’re 50, 50% of the oxygen in your skin is gone. 

The loss of oxygen to your skin cells starts to show on the surface. Wrinkles, dark spots, and general signs of aging can all be traced back to a lack of oxygen. 

The Oxygen Lab ECHO₂ treatment, in tandem with our at-home care regimen, is uniquely designed to replenish the skin to healthy oxygen levels. Our innovative approach to skincare has been shown to reverse and delay signs of aging while simultaneously nourishing and strengthening the skin.

Extraordinary Results

The skin analysis was recorded and mapped at an independent ISO 9001 certified clinical testing laboratory before starting the Oxygen Lab regimen, an hour after the first application, and then after 84 days of using Oxygen Lab skincare.

After 1 hour, technicians recorded a 30% reduction in the area of fine lines, a 25% reduction in the total area of wrinkles, and a 17% reduction in the total number of wrinkles. After 84 days of using the complete Oxygen Lab skincare regimen, technicians recorded a 60% reduction in class 3 (110-880 micrometer) wrinkles, 11% reduction in class 2 (55um-110um), Elasticity (tonicity) improved 78%, Hydration was improved by 20%.

Oxygen Lab products and the ECHO₂ treatment can also be used in conjunction with any of your favorite beauty products. Oxygen Lab’s intensive Max-OX Complex™ oxygen replenishment technology can empower other products to work even more effectively.

How Can I Get the Oxygen Lab System of Treatments in My Clinic?

Think our products will make a great addition to your skincare product offerings? You can get started by visiting our Portal page and registering using your licensing info. 

We look forward to helping you bring the healing power of oxygen to your clients and patients.