Oxygen-infusing Skincare For Your Post Peel Heal

Oxygen-infusing Skincare For Your Post Peel Heal


Whether your client has opted for a Superficial peel, Medium-depth peel, or a Deep peel, it’s common for peel patients to experience some skin irritation after a facial peel. These symptoms can range from mild redness to “frosting” on the skin and even mild to moderate facial swelling.

In any case, every client wants to feel good and look better faster. This is why we recommend adding oxygen-infusing skincare to support post-peel healing. 

5 Ways Oxygen Can Expedite the Post-Peel Healing Process

  1. Repair + Recovery
Increasing the oxygen level in our skin is vital to improving its ability to repair itself. The ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Facial Treatment not only infuses PURE oxygen back into the skin (along with restorative vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants), our proprietary cleansing solution also helps remove impurities without harsh ingredients like drying alcohols or irritating sulfates. This allows your patient to get a nice cleanse without the fear of further irritating their post-peel skin.
  1. Amplify Hydration

Oxygen nourishes and smooths dehydrated skin while rebuilding its ability to retain moisture. Our unique osmotic hydration process used during our ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Facial Treatment uses enzymatic principles to draw moisture into the skin and nourish the cells beneath the epidermis.

  1. Revive Regeneration

Increasing oxygen levels improves cell renewal within our skin’s regenerative processes. Damage Control is a luxurious cream that works gently for delicate and sensitive skin to add moisture and hydrating nutrients, in addition to oxygen, to help moisturize and promote healthy cellular turnover. It is an ideal soothing cream for post-procedure healing.

  1. Boost Skin Metabolism

The Mitochondria that generate the energy of life in our cells use oxygen as fuel. By increasing the skin’s oxygen levels, you are actually reactivating the process of skin cell renewal to give your patient more vibrant youthful skin. Promoting the skin renewal process and increasing cellular turnover will help speed up the healing process after a peel. Our Cell Fuel cream can be used at home to help promote healthy turnover while also infusing oxygen into the skin, hydrating, and nourishing the epidermis.

  1. Calms Sensitive Skin 

Oxygen Lab products are specifically formulated to help temporary skin sensitivity or discomfort. If you notice this is an issue for your peel clients, we recommend the ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Post-Procedure Protocol which utilizes our oxygen infusing 5 minute spray on a daily basis or as often as needed during the sensitive time in their healing process. 

The treatment infuses millions of oxygen molecules per second with our proprietary blend of concentrated vitamins and minerals. ECHO2 leaves the skin soft, dewy, and rejuvenated. 

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We recommend the healing power of oxygen for many post procedure skin care routines. Interested in adding Oxygen Lab products to your clinic for patients? We’re happy to help you find the perfect fit for your clients in our Oxygen Lab line of in office treatments and at-home products.