ECHO2 Treatment Bottle #1

Apply 4 pumps per tx, Equals 50 treatments

The Exfoliant I solution is designed to loosen dead skin cells immediately upon contact.

The Exfoliant I solution is titrated as an alkaline solution and is formulated with a pH of approximately 8.3.  Enhancement of the stratum is the first step in the exfoliation process and begins to take place immediately upon initial contact of the Exfoliant I solution.  As the solution begins to dissipate throughout the cellular parenchyma of the skin, the strato-cornico response is reactive and stimulatory.

The ingredients in Exfoliant I solution work together to reduce the skin’s natural barrier known as the acid mantle.  First, the enzymatic activity of natural papain and coconut acids dissolve keratinized cells.  Next, as a result of the use of a high pH, alkaline solution (Exfoliant I), followed by a low pH, acidic solution (Exfoliant II), the skin attempts to return to its normal pH balance. This leaves the epidermis in a semi-permeable state.

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