ECHO2 Treatment Bottle #4

2 bottles are needed for 50 treatments, 8 pumps are used on the 4×4 gauze per treatment.

The term Hygroscopic is used to describe an ingredient that has the ability to readily absorb and retain moisture. Older non-nucleated skin cells contain only about half the amount of natural moisturizing factor as that found in younger cells. The ability of skin to hold moisture is directly related to its Na-PCA content.

The ECHO2 Hygroscopic Solution contains real Na-PCA (sodium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid or Sodium PCA) which is derived from amino acids. This unique, all-natural ingredient is the naturally occurring component in human skin responsible for binding and retaining moisture in skin cells.

Our Hygroscopic Solution product is considered a high-performance humectant due to its moisture binding ability.  It has the ability to pull moisture out of the air and bind it to the skin cells. This greatly improves skin’s appearance, giving it a moist, youthful glow.

Enzymes are protein-based substances that catalyze specific metabolic reactions. This product gets its name from the enzymatic reaction which occurs in the skin as a result of the action of the carboxylic acid (-COOH) in the Na-PCA (carboxylic acid is a basic building block, along with an anime acid group, of amino acids – chains of which form all proteins).

The ECHO2 Hygroscopic Solution product does not cover up dry skin. It physiologically corrects moisture-deficient skin. It is considered a noncomedogenic, non-allergic solution recommended for dry, delicate and sensitive skins.

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