Talking ECHO2 with Longtime Provider Simona Wimbush

Talking ECHO2 with Longtime Provider Simona Wimbush


Simona Wimbush has 29 years of experience in the beauty industry and 27 years of experience as an ECHO2 provider. 

Her background is in Medical SPA Management & Marketing and skin treatments from day spas to resort and medical spas. Simona is passionate about creating client-oriented treatment plans that combine the best esthetics services and skincare products.

We asked Simona to give us her unique perspective on Oxygen Lab’s system of skin treatments, her love of oxygen for the skin, and her experience with ECHO2 as one of our most committed and talented treatment providers. 

Q: Simona, as someone with such extensive experience in skin health, what initially struck you about Oxygen Lab’s ECHO2 treatment?

A: I’ve been in a facial surgery practice for the past 15 years. ECHO2 Pre/post treatments are such a great addition in medical spas. But, also the only great treatments for day spa and resort spas as a calming treatment post too much sun exposure etc. when you can’t do any other treatment.

Q: In the skincare and beauty industry, there’s always a new trend or new product. You’ve been an ECHO2 treatment provider for 27 years. Why do you continue to recommend the ECHO2 treatment to your clients? 

A:  Over the years, I have worked with different skincare systems and products but ECHO2 is the only one that I can utilize in so many treatment plans.

Q: In your professional bio, you say you’re someone who values “combining the best esthetics services” to produce “client-centric results”. How often do you find the ECHO2 treatment to be a meaningful compliment or addition to a skin treatment plan and why? 

A: ECHO2 is a treatment that I can use as a medical treatment but I can also expand into a very relaxing treatment as well. I like treatments that deliver instant results and ECHO2 never disappoints as far as patient or client expectation.

Q: Do you find patients are often unaware of the impact oxygen levels have on their skin’s overall health and appearance? What are some ways you help educate them on oxygen’s role in healthy skin?

A: Basically, once the benefits of ECHO2 are explained, such as increasing cell rejuvenation by increasing cell metabolism, the older we get, our body metabolism slows down as well as our cell metabolism slows down. This treatment speeds up cell metabolism, bypassing the scabbing stage; therefore preventing scarring, but it is also a pure multivitamin treatment that can benefit the skin on a monthly basis as maintenance.

Q: We know oxygen is great for all skin types but is there a client in particular that you love oxygen infusing treatments for and why?

A: Best candidates are post-surgery, laser, micro-needling just because this treatment is so non-invasive and very sterile. But like I said, I have patients that love this treatment just as monthly skin health maintenance.

Q: You’ve helped train others on the ECHO2 system in the past. What are some commonly asked questions you get from interested providers?

A: Depending on what services they offer, I help providers with ideas on including this treatment in treatment plans or how to customize it. Since ECHO2 is the only pure oxygen treatment of its kind, there is no comparison really. 

Q: What is some of the positive recurrent feedback you get about ECHO2 from your clients?

A: Literally, the immediate, “Wow!” effect post-treatment. The skin feels and looks amazing! Clients also mentioned the longer-lasting moisturizing effects.

Q: ECHO2 is recommended as a monthly, 45-minute in-office treatment. What are some ways you help clients keep their skin replenished, oxygen-rich, and glowing in between ECHO2 treatments?

A: We are lucky to implement the Oxygen Lab skincare products, Cell Fuel and Damage Control, for home care that will help in between treatments.

Q: If you could describe Oxygen Lab’s system of treatments in one word, what would it be, and why?

A: Unique! It is excellent in a medical spa environment as pre/post-treatment,  but also in day spa and resort spa environments.
A special thank you to Simona for sharing her experience with ECHO2. If you’re a skincare professional and think offering ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Treatments can help your clients, contact us to learn more.