2022 Skincare Trends are In!

2022 Skincare Trends are In!


Patients Want Science, Innovation + Skin Care Programs

Vogue Magazine recently asked skincare experts to make their skin care trend predictions for 2022.

Skin experts say their patients have a renewed focus on science, health, wellness, and innovation as we emerge from the pandemic. They’re not interested in relying on primers and highlighters for a healthy glow. Instead, patients want hardworking actives and hero ingredients to rejuvenate the skin at a more meaningful level. 

Our team at Oxygen Lab was excited to see much of our unique approach to skin health highlighted in 6 key skincare trends mentioned for this year.  

1. Science-Driven Skincare 

Beauty consumers have started turning towards science-driven skincare brands. The incredible medical advances of the last year have made us all more aware of the power of science. 

The science of skincare consistently comes back to oxygen. Loss of oxygen to the skin is one of the leading causes of aging. As we age, our skin’s oxygen level is reduced, and the skin loses the ability to repair itself and recover from environmental stress and damage. The synthesis of collagen, elastin, and structural proteins are all diminished. 

Oxygen Lab’s Max-OX Complex™ was initially developed to put concentrated oxygen right at the surgical site in spine surgery to speed the bone graft fusion process and recovery. During the patients follow ups it was observed that the Max-OX Complex had also improved post-op soft tissue recovery, which led to Oxygen Lab developing the Max-OX Complex for skincare.

Empowered by the Max-OX Complex Oxygen Lab Skincare infuses molecular oxygen, helping to penetrate and replenish the skin, fueling the mitochondria to boost its metabolism and promote healthy cellular turnover to reduce the appearance of aging.

Used daily, patients maintain their skin’s healthy oxygen levels while helping to delay and reverse the visible effects of aging.

2. Ingredient-Focused

For 2022, consumers will continue to look for products that have ingredients they believe will deliver results for their skin. 

In addition to the healing, restorative power of pure oxygen, Oxygen Lab’s ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Treatment uses 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to further nourish and revitalize the skin. The ECHO2 Acne Treatment additionally utilizes well-known acne fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, licorice root, calendula, and witch hazel. When used in conjunction with peels or microdermabrasion, this treatment can speed healing, kill bacteria, and restore confidence.

3. Skin Cell Energy

We will hear more about skin cell energy, and specific products and treatments that boost skin cell energy without trauma (e.g., controlled damage to trigger repair). This means no inflammation. A new generation of professional and home care products are able to activate cell energy, meaning skin rejuvenation without any damage. 

The Mitochondria that generate the energy of life in our cells use oxygen as fuel. Oxygen Lab’s system of skin treatments reactivates the process of skin cell renewal to give patients vibrant, youthful skin.

4. Focus on Skin Health + Results

Customers now believe a good skincare routine or treatment is not just about one overhyped active, it’s about the recipe within the formulation and the results it will deliver. 

1 hour after application of Oxygen Lab skincare, patients in clinical trial showed: 

· 30% reduction in area of fine lines

· 25% reduction in total area of wrinkles

· 17% reduction in total number of wrinkles

After 84 days of using the complete Oxygen Lab skincare regimen:

· 60% reduction in class 3 (110-880 micrometer) wrinkles

· 11% reduction in class 2 (55um-110um)

· Elasticity (tonicity) improved 78%

· Hydration was improved by 20% 

5. Technological Innovation

Technological advances in skincare are becoming more widely available. Men and women see the real possibility of aging gracefully thanks to recent skin innovations. Treatments for skin texture, scarring and wrinkle reduction are more popular and more accessible. 

Oxygen Lab’s innovative, proprietary technology delivers molecular oxygen to the skin to reverse the effects of aging, heal, and repair, revolutionizing skin health.

6. Skin-care Programs

Clients are no longer looking for quick-fix treatments. There is a demand for luxury care both inside and outside of the treatment room which includes post, and pre-care, specialist consultancy and at-home routine recommendations for long-term results.

This is why our Oxygen Lab system of treatments includes two take home creams, Cell Fuel™ and Damage Control™. Both creams utilize the same innovative, Max-OX Complex technology to deliver oxygen deep into the skin and continue rejuvenation in between ECHO2 in-office oxygen infusing treatments.

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Source: The Skin-Care Trends to Know in 2022, According to the Experts | Vogue